Plains of Rohan


Adventure Level:
1 - Easy, 2 - Intermediate
Adventure Duration:
1 Day
Adventure State:
New Zealand - South Island
Ride Type:
Adventure Bike

Adventure Description

fantastic ride across the location where they filmed the "plains of rohan" easy riding in the dry but can get boggy when wet up on the tops also gets very cold during winter so make sure you have all your winter gear with you.
A lot of the tracks are well formed and high chance of a 4wd coming other way.
must take a camera as there are some brilliant spots for photos if you mange to stop your bike.
best place for a feed and fuel is in Lawrence approx halfway

Things to Note

make sure all gates are left as you found them

stay on the tracks as keeps doc happy also less chance of needing a helicopter ride home due to a lot of hidden holes and rocks

The Track

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